Climate Adaptation Resource Centre

Adapting to a changing climate

Natural disasters – such as floods, wildfires, extreme heat, wind and hail – are becoming more frequent and severe because of climate change. These disasters cost people, businesses and governments billions of dollars every year, and they take a toll on Canadians' mental and physical health.

As Canada's largest property and casualty insurance company, we are in a position to help Canadians protect what's important to them. Our investments in the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation™, and other organizations like FireSmart Canada, continue to foster innovative solutions to help reduce the physical, financial and social impacts of extreme weather on Canadian communities.

Brokers play an important role in helping customers choose the right insurance product to protect what’s important to them. As their trusted insurance expert, it is also vital that you understand the impacts of climate change and are equipped with the tools needed to offer valuable advice to your customers.

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