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Enhanced coverage for better protection.

Routine business activities such as taking credit card payments, collecting employee records, launching a website or sending an email can expose organizations to a potential privacy breach. Responding to these incidents can be costly – both in time lost, reputation and expenses.


Help your customers get back to business sooner with privacy breach coverage from Intact Insurance.



Coverage includes:

Legal expense coverage for certain legal fees or defence expenses from civil proceedings resulting from a covered privacy breach.

Remediation expense coverage for certain expenses that could include notifying your customers, post-breach fraud or credit monitoring, and, if necessary, securing forensic services.

Business interruption coverage to cover certain loss of income resulting from the breach, including necessary extra expenses.

Third-party liability coverage:

Offer your customers additional protection with optional third-party liability coverage, for legally obligated compensation to others and legal expenses resulting from a privacy breach.


Tools and resources on Intact’s privacy breach coverage can be found below.

Training presentations

Links to privacy breach online resources:

Our privacy breach coverage also gives customers access to services from CyberScout®, an independent third- party service provider specializing in breach preparedness, compliance and resolution.


CyberScout provides access to a knowledge base of tools, information and education—all accessible via a secure log-in. Additionally, CyberScout provides breach response services that do not draw from the coverage limit to help customers prepare for and plan for a breach. Some of these services could include:


Determine if a privacy breach occurred.

Assess severity of the event.

Explain breach response requirements and best practices.


Time-saving professional service to guide customers in handling a breach.

Work closely with the customer and claims to outline an action plan.


Service recommendations to impacted individuals such as notification, call handling and monitoring products.

You may also contact CyberScout's advice and support line, even if no problems are suspected. Please call 1-833-801-9271 from 8:00AM to 8:00PM ET, Monday through Friday, to speak to a CyberScout representative if you have any proactive questions about your data security.

Learn how Dr. Ledet leveraged CyberScout to resolve a ransomware attack at her chiropractic office.

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