A discount based on financially responsible business owners.

Business owners with good credit can save up to 25% on their commercial insurance policy, just by providing consent to check their personal credit score.

We want to help people get the best premium available to them. Credit scores are part of that. Credit scores are an everyday part of life and a commonly used factor in evaluating financial responsibility. Most of your customers will have been asked permission for a credit check in the past applying for bank loans, cell phone contracts, rental properties and even some employers. So the idea of having their credit checked should not be a surprise or alarming.


Financially responsible Canadians plan their budgets, investments, retirements, children’s education and their insurance coverage. At Intact Insurance, we believe in using credit scores to recognize customers for sound financial management.



But the advantages don’t stop with your customers. For brokers:

It’s a great way to attract new commercial customers;

Increase retention of financially stable customers;

Enhance your relationship with your customers by offering them another way to save; and

Improved profitability.














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