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Offer your customers choice and convenience by putting insurance at their fingertips with the Intact Insurance App and Client Centre.

Over 80% of Canadians own a smartphone, with 85% of them preferring apps – changing the way customers expect to access information and services.


At Intact, we’re committed to being customer driven. Our full-suite of online tools are designed to help you service your customers through their entire insurance journey and provide you with a competitive advantage in a constantly evolving digital environment.

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Broker Branding

Your brand is front and centre. Customers can contact you right from the Intact App - keeping them connected to you and your brand.

Broker Access

You see what your customer sees.
You can view a customer’s print preference and deploy an email from the Broker Portal to help them register.

Time Savings

The focus is on your value proposition.

The time savings with online access allows you to focus on what matters most – offering advice and expertise.

Customer Email Notifications

Update your customers digitally. Paperless customers with an email address will be notified when they have completed a transaction, including renewal, policy change and cancellation.

Choice and Convenience

Your customers can view their policy documents, billing statements and real-time claims tracking.

Accelerating Claims

Customers can submit a property or auto claim and upload relevant claims documents using the App or Client Centre. Updates are provided in real-time, allowing your customers to check on their claims at their convenience.

Digital Proof of Insurance

Customers have access to a digital copy of their pink card through the App and Client Centre.

Digital Notifications

Paperless customers with an email address will be notified by email when they have completed a transaction, including renewal, policy change and cancellation reducing paper clutter and reducing their impact on the environment.

Social Media

Access social media posts promoting Client Centre and the App to encourage your customers to register today.


Send a registration email to your customers right from Client Centre or use one of our promotional email templates to promote the benefits of our digital tools.


Ask your Business Development Manager about how you can add a widget to your website directing customers to Client Centre.

Direct Mail

Send co-branded buckslips to your customers promoting our digital tools.

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