Ontario & Nova Scotia

About Turo


Turo (formerly RelayRides) is a leading peer-to-peer car-sharing company where local car owners rent their personal vehicle to another individual  through an online marketplace.


The company, founded in 2009, has a nationwide presence in more than 2,500 cities  in the U.S. and has safely facilitated more than 1-million rental days to date. With a strong brand and consumer demand, they are moving into international markets, starting in Canada.


Turo operates in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and plans to expand its marketplace nationally.


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How does Turo work?


Turo allows car owners to earn extra income by renting their private vehicle to a community of pre-approved renters.


The owners lists their car at turo.com. It’s free to register and they control the pricing and availability. Once listed, their car can be viewed by a community of Turo renters. When someone chooses to rent the vehicle, a request will be sent to the owner for approval. The owner coordinates when and where to meet their guest for vehicle drop-off and again for pick-up when their rental is finished.

Owner: Listing your car

List your car


Vehicle owner lists their vehicle on turo.com

Respond to requests


Owners respond to requests based on availability

Meet your renter


Owner and renter coordinate where to meet and owner hands over
keys to renter

Collect your car


Owner and renter coordinate where to meet and return vehicle to owner

Sign up


Renters register via turo.com where eligibility and identity are confirmed

Find the perfect car


Renters choose the vehicle they want and put in their request

Have the time of your life


Renters enjoy their time with one of the diverse vehicles listed on turo.com

Return your rental


Owner and renter coordinate where to meet and return vehicle to owner

Renter: Renting a car

Intact Insurance and Turo


As the sharing economy grows in popularity, Intact Insurance strives to offer innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of consumers and entrepreneurs, while ensuring they are well protected.


When a car is listed with Turo, Intact Insurance is behind the commercial insurance coverage that protects the owner’s vehicle.


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Eligibility & requirements


Cars listed on Turo must be 2006 or newer, and have an odometer reading below 200,000 kilometers, with some exceptions. All users are pre-screened for trust and safety purposes.


Turo requires a one-day minimum but the average rental period is 5.5 days. The company takes 25 per cent commission for each rental from the car owner (who set their own price), and collects another 10 per cent of the total trip price from the renter.

What you need to know


Car sharing involves renting your personal vehicle to another individual.


Peer-to-peer car sharing is very similar to renting a car from a rental company, but instead of using a car from a designated fleet, you borrow from a local individual who has registered their personal car to an online marketplace.


Turo is different from companies like zipcar and Enterprise CarShare (formerly AutoShare) because in these models the rental vehicles are owned by the company, not the individuals themselves.

What else is out there?


Ride sharing involves driving your personal vehicle while offering rides to paying passengers.


Leading companies like Uber allow car owners to leverage their vehicles to generate extra income. Similar to Turo, drivers are connected with passengers via an online marketplace.


Home sharing involves renting out your personal property to another individual.


Leading companies like Airbnb allow private property owners to leverage their idle assets to generate extra income. Similar to Turo, property owners are connected with potential guests via an online marketplace