Ontario & Nova Scotia


Earn Additional Income

Quick and Simple

Offset Costs

Car owners can expect to earn
an average of $500 per month*

It's easy to join and make additional cash without investing a lot of personal time

Owners can use rental income to offset

cost of ownership. The average compact

car costs $9,500 per year to maintain**

Turo is Safe

Free to Join

You decide

Each vehicle is covered by Turo’s commercial insurance policy during the delivery and rental periods. This includes $2M in liability insurance and standard accident benefits

It is free to list your vehicle,

there are no membership fees

You approve all requests

to rent your vehicle


Provide Added Value
and Protection

Proven Customer Interest

Showcase your value and expertise by ensuring customers participating in the sharing economy are informed and protected

Turo’s vehicle base in the U.S. has
more than doubled in the past year

Attract New Customers

Participate In The
Sharing Economy

It’s a new way to appeal to millennials (21-34 year olds), who are the most active in this market - a key target for future growth

Introduce your brokerage to this new

business frontier, which is set to grow from

$25bn to $335bn globally, by 2025**

*Estimated average monthly earnings of $500 CAD are projected by Turo based on average earnings of owners registered with Turo in the U.S. market from January 2015 to February 2016. Earnings will vary depending on vehicle value and availability. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. **Sources: Stats Canada 2013 and PwC.

“Car owners in the [Turo, formerly RelayRides] program can recoup hundreds of dollars a month to offset car payments,
insurance and other costs of ownership”

“Turo is great for me because I have 2 cars. There is no way for me to drive both simultaneously, so renting them out is an easy way to offset the cost of ownership, and make money on top of that. The insurance and screening process gives me peace of mind to renters, and I can talk to the renter before actually handing over the keys. It’s simple for everyone and takes very little time, for a great return.”

Kevin Chan, car owner

“As a renter, Turo allowed me to take care of necessary errands when a car was necessary. As a car owner, I've earned income during times my car would normally just collect dust. A car's value depreciates regardless of how often it is used so it made sense to rent (share) it when I'm traveling, working remotely or commuting. Through my experiences with Turo, I've learned that consumers want to reduce their 'consumption' and prefer the personal touch that large rental companies lack but is very apparent within the share-economy.”

Chasma Smith, Car owner and renter

“I use Turo to rent out my minivan rather than have it sit in the driveway gathering cobwebs. By using Turo, I have rented my minivan out at a better rate than the retail rental car companies charge for a van. I receive income for use of the asset, renters can use the van for surfboards, skis, golf clubs, or baby seats. This is a win-win situation for all.”

Jonathan Dreyer, car owner

“Turo makes peer to peer car sharing so easy! I was able to make some extra income when I first had my baby since I didn’t need my car for the first 3 months. The booking process is easy and the support team is quite helpful! I can't wait to continue sharing my car on Turo!”

Rebecca Lee, car owner

“Turo has been an incredibly valuable part of our lives, ever since we started using the service as a renter. It has made all of our vacation planning seamless as the convenience, cost savings, and great community makes it the first choice for our transportation needs. As an owner, it's been great to connect with people and fulfill their needs as a "peer" first, not just as a business making model. Always great to connect with new people and have them share their experience - it's been a very rewarding experience. It also helps us generate side income which always comes in handy with a growing family! I am fully supportive of Turo as a renter and owner, and look forward to seeing it grow!”

Jeff Park, Car renter and owner