Insurance structure


At Intact Insurance, we want to ensure your customers are well protected.


We identified three periods that need to be covered:


Personal use: Regular personal usage of the vehicle

Delivery period: Vehicle is being delivered by the owner to the renter

Rental period: Vehicle is being used by renter


Using policy coverages that are already available, our solution ensures your customers are protected.

Personal Insurance Coverage

Commercial Insurance Coverage

Regular Personal Use

Regular personal

usage of the vehicle

Delivery Period*

Vehicle being delivered
by owner to renter

Rental Period:

Vehicle being used

by the renter

Personal Auto Policy Permitting Car Sharing

Commercial Fleet Policy

Personal lines


Intact Insurance's personal auto policy continues to provide coverage when the owner uses his or her vehicle for personal use.


We are making all the necessary changes to our underwriting guidelines to ensure that all car owners are covered when he or she chooses to rent their personal vehicle through Turo or other approved car-sharing services. At this time, Turo is the only one that has been approved.


Some insurers’ personal auto underwriting guidelines may exclude coverage for those who choose to list their vehicles with Turo.


While the vehicle is being delivered to the renter and in possession of the renter, coverage will be in place on a commercial fleet policy issued by Intact Insurance (underwritten by Novex).

Commercial lines


A commercial fleet policy will be issued to Turo to cover the vehicle when in use during the delivery and rental period.


The commercial fleet policy will have the following coverages:

  • $2M Third Party Liability
  • Standard Accident Benefits
  • Physical damage limit of $75K
  • Replacement cost for up to 4-year-old vehicles


How it works:


  • All vehicles for any incidents arising while the vehicle is being used by the renter.
  • The claim is settled with no deductible for the vehicle owner.
  • The named insured will be Turo and Turo will be responsible for the premium and the $1,000 deductible.

Claims handling


Turo claims can be reported in two ways:

Claim reported to Intact via phone call

Claim reported to Turo via mobile application

Turo validates owner and renter info and sends email notification to Intact

Intact will record the first notice of loss and open the claim. The adjuster will validate information (e.g. trip and driver/owner authentication) and settle the claim. If the claim is reported via Turo’s mobile app, the adjuster will reach out to claimant directly.


Turo, the vehicle owner, and the vehicle renter will be updated throughout the claims settlement process.

Ontario & Nova Scotia