The my Driving Discount® program gives customers the chance to save more every six months just by focusing on their safe driving habits!

Offer your customers a chance to save up to

off their car insurance premium.


The my Driving Discount® Broker Training Video series gives you step-by-step customer scenarios to assist you in selling and explaining how the program works so your customers can start driving and saving.



Select the topic you’re interested in below or watch the complete series

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Broker Training Videos

Introducing the Program

How to effectively include the discount as part of the sale and explain how the program will help customers save.

How to Activate my Driving Discount

How to explain the three steps to activate: enroll, install and log in.

Binding the Policy

How to remind the customer of the savings and walk them through activating the program.

What's Measured and How

How to inform customers about how the discount is calculated based on what’s monitored while driving.

Objection Handling

How to respond to common questions customers may have about the program.

Personalized Discount (midterm and renewal)

How to explain when and how customers earn their personalized discount.

Program Overview

The customer is enrolled through a broker.

The program is activated and accessed through the Intact Insurance App.

Once the customer starts driving, the app assesses behaviours related to safe driving, such as: hard braking events, rapid acceleration, distractions and more.

A discount is awarded based on driving behaviour after each data collection period, which lasts approximately six months (180 days).

Customers must drive a minimum of 1,000 km during each data collection period



It’s easy for your customers to save on their car insurance premium with the my Driving Discount® program.



Competitive advantage


Offer customers immediate savings with an enrolment discount and a chance to save up to 30% off their car insurance premium starting mid-term and the chance to save again at renewal, and on a continuous basis.



Help improve loss ratio over time


Our experience with UBI shows that the data collected is more powerful than any other rating variable used today, with a 50 point gap in the combined ratio between the best 30% and worst 30% of drivers enrolled. Good drivers who earn discounts are more likely to stay in the program, while drivers with poor driving habits who do not earn a discount may choose to shop, which can add segmentation value to your book of business.



Engaged customers


The program attracts people with good driving records who are comfortable using technology and interested in taking some control over their auto insurance premium by driving safely.





Our studies show that approximately 75% of customers can earn a personalized discount after the first data collection period and those rewarded a 15 – 25% discount have an average 94% retention rate.


Once customers see how easy it is to drive safe and save, we believe they will want to maintain or improve their personalized driving discount on a continuous basis.






Customers get a 10% enrolment discount* for signing up and a personalized discount of up to 30% can be earned starting mid-term and every six months, based on safe driving habits.




Customers are in charge. They can maintain or improve their personalized discount every six months by driving safely.




Customers can access my Driving Discount, update their policy documents and more through the Intact Insurance App.




Once my Driving Discount is activated, the customer simply drives and the app does all the work by assessing driving behaviour using smart technology.





*An enrolment discount of 10% applies to new policies or risks effective

from August 7, 2019 and renewals effective from September 7, 2019.


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*An enrolment discount applies to new policies and, if eligible, a personalized discount between 0% and 30% based on driving habits may apply upon completion of an assessment period. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Visit for full terms and conditions of the ®my Driving Discount program. ®Intact Insurance Design is a registered trademark of Intact Financial Corporation, used under license. ®my Driving Discount is a registered trademark of Intact Insurance Company. ©2019, Intact Insurance Company. All rights reserved.