Your customers could save up to 25%* off their car insurance premium with my Driving Discount. Enrolling is quick and easy and they'll automatically get a 10%* discount for signing up!



Broker Training Videos

Introducing the Program

How to effectively include the discount as part of the sale and explain how the program will help customers save.

Binding the Policy

How to remind the customer of the savings and walk them through activating the program.

Objection Handling

How to respond to common questions customers may have about the program.

How it works

Sign your customers up to the my Driving Discount® program in three easy steps:




Simply add my Driving Discount to your customer's policy when they sign up for their car insurance




Your customer will receive an email with the download instructions provided. Once they sign in, the app will record their driving behaviour; braking, acceleration and time of day they drive.




The data reported is used to calculate a personalized discount of up to 25% off their car insurance premium.


Once your customer completes the assessment period (9 months), any earned discount will be applied to their policy at the next renewal.

Customers must have a phone that meets the eligibility criteria. iPhone with iOS 8.2/5S or later, or Android with version 4.3 or later

See the potential discount

View a roadmap of each trip and monitor driving habits





Promote your value


my Driving Discount helps you consult with customers.



Competitive advantage


Your customers can save immediately and long term.



Increased retention rates


Customers that achieve savings on renewal have more incentive to stay.



Engaged customers


The program helps generate customer interest in their driving behaviour and potential discount.




Immediate savings


10% enrolment discount just for signing up!



Long-term savings


A chance to save up to 25% at renewal.



Simple and convenient


Free app is easy to download and use.



Safety and control


Customers can monitor and improve their driving habits which can help influence their premiums.


Materials & Resources

Personalized discount of 0%-25% based on your driving habits will be applied at renewal upon completion of an assessment period. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. The savings amount is based on filed discount and rates. Visit for full terms and conditions of the ®my Driving Discount program. ®Intact Insurance Design is a registered trademark of Intact Financial Corporation, used under license. ®my Driving Discount is a registered trademark of Intact Insurance Company. © 2019, Intact Insurance Company, All rights reserved.